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Frequently asked questions

What are your registration details?

Ofsted are our governing body and our nursery registration number is EY445266.

Do I need to make an appointment to view the nursery?
How do I enrol my child in the nursery?
Is the nursery open all year?
What do your fees include?
Can I book additional nursery sessions?
Who will look after my child at nursery?
What should my child bring to nursery?
What curriculum does the nursery follow?
Will I have to pay if my child is unwell and not at nursery?
Do I need to let the nursery know if we are going on holiday?
Can I change my child’s nursery days?
What funding options are available to help with the cost of childcare?
Are all staff DBS checked?
My child has special educational needs can they still attend the nursery?
How does the nursery help with potty training?
What if I need someone else to collect my child?