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Settling In

Sending your child to nursery for the first time we understand is a big step for both child and also parents, you will no doubt be full of worries, doubts and lots of questions, unsure of how your child may cope, how they will manage without you, will it disrupt their routine, what will they eat, will they make friends, and most importantly be happy and safe, as a family business and parents ourselves we’ve been there and we know these concerns are valid and important and it can be a worrying thought handing over responsibility to your child to someone else.

Every child settles differently; some children will be straight through the doors and settle quickly, others may not some children may need more time to settle, some children may not have been away from home before not even the odd night with a grandparent so there may be some anxiety around leaving you mum or dad for the first time, every child is different and will adapt and settle at different paces which is why we offer free settling in sessions to allow us to get to know your child and most importantly give you the chance to get to know us after all we are being entrusted with caring for your child.

We aim to make the transitions from home to nursery as smooth as possible. Our open plan layout plan helps to foster a sense of community amongst the children and staff alike. The layout is sensitively zoned with great care and attention given to our youngest children; it is wonderful to see how the older children care for the younger ones whilst the younger children in turn begin to interact with their elders. This layout helps to benefit the children with the emotional upheaval of moving from room to room as they already know the environment and each staff member personally.