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From Field to Fork

Nutrition in these early years is crucial as your child discovers new tastes, new textures, their likes and dislikes. We guarantee your child will enjoy healthy well-balanced meals and snacks and set positive foundations for good nutritional habits in the future. We make meal times fun times with team members eating with the children, acting as role models and moderators and ensuring that table manners are observed.

Our approach is simple – quality ingredients, freshly prepared on the premises and plenty of variety.

We are fortunate to have our main meals prepared and cooked by the chefs in Hatton’s restaurant kitchens using only the best quality natural produce, sourced locally and prepared fresh each day.

Dishes currently on the menu include:

  • Beef and spinach lasagne with carrots and sweetcorn.
  • Swedish style meatballs in gravy with potato wedges, peas and sweetcorn.
  • Breaded chicken breast, tortilla wraps with a mild salsa sauce and a side salad.
  • Best Warwickshire sausages and mashed potato with onion gravy and broccoli.
  • Farmhouse beef & vegetable casserole with dumplings.

All snacks and light meals follow the same principal of healthy eating, sugary puddings are avoided in favour of fresh fruit and yoghurts and the children always have access to water, milk and fruit juice.

Where possible we also incorporate produce from our own little growing patch or produce picked from the farm itself into the daily menu, from fresh strawberries and tomatoes to carrots and potatoes.

Babies are catered for according to individual needs and after consultation with parents. We also cater for special dietary needs, and are familiar with gluten and lactose free diets.

Mealtimes at Hatton Children’s Nursery

All meals are included in the fees paid for by parents. Our menus are continually reviewed, and we are more than happy to cater to different dietary requirements. We encourage comments and suggestions from Parents with meal ideas or suggestions.

All of our meals are nutritionally planned, balancing key food groups and appropriate food portion sizes and meet the government’s compulsory minimum nutritional requirements which include –

  • A balanced diet with a lot of varied meals
  • Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Minimal use of salt and sugar within our meals
  • Plenty of food high in calcium and iron
  • Provide a diverse menu, which facilitates to develop children’s tastes

Our menus are all nutritionally balanced providing children with healthy delicious meals, so nice infact our staff even enjoy sharing these with the children!

We recognise just how important your child’s health and nutrition is for both their physical and long term health, creating good healthy eating habits is important from a young age as research also shows how nutrition affects a child’s focus, and their cognitive development and is ultimately the foundation of creating healthy bodies and minds, our nursery menus offer a wide range of diverse dishes, using fresh, seasonal, and local – where possible, ingredients to help give your child the best start in life created and prepared freshly onsite by our skilled chefs and kitchen teams.


Allergies & Dietary Requirements

If your child has any specific dietary requirements, parents/carers should discuss their child’s allergy and dietary requirements with us at the earliest opportunity. Working closely with the family of a child with an allergy is crucial for us to ensure we have the most up to date medical and dietary information to ensure we are kept up to date with any changes or additional steps we need to take including creating an allergy action plan.

Example Menu – Week 1

Our menu changes every 3 weeks with children being offered a selection of delicious home-made dishes daily, along with snacks/drinks throughout the day, an afternoon meal will also be served to those on full days or on afternoon sessions.

We encouraged children to try all food and our produce is locally sourced when available. Water is served with all meals and is accessible for the children to help themselves throughout the day. Fruit juice is diluted according to age of the children. We work closely with parents to cater for special dietary needs and allergies and are happy to produce alternatives that are nut, egg and gluten free.